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On the Year 2013, I attended the Chargeman Underground cable course. The Chargeman course required strength in practical. It is the same and apply to all Chargeman related courses. The basic requirement for the Sarawak Regulator, Electrical Inspectorate Unit (EIU) is that the person needs to have at least 3 years experience in electrical field.

For those who has Degree in Electrical Engineering, taking this course can be helpful when you go for BEM PE interview or even Electrical Supervisor/ Competent Electrical Engineer in the future.

The Course Content (Theory)

Section 1
1. Electrical Safety & Electricity Rules
2. Underground Cable Basic Testing

Section 2
1. Conductors
2. Conductor Screen
3. Cable Insulation
4. Insulation Screen
5. Bedding
6. Armour

Section 3 Cable Laying Methods
1. Cable Laying Methods

2. Direct Laid System
3. Duct Laid System
4. Site Inspection and Trial Holes
5. Minimum Installation Bending Radii
6. General Wiring Cables
7. Laying Cable in Pipe and Duct
8. Protection Cover

Section 4
1. Conductor Lossess
2. Skin Effect
3. Proximity Effect
4. Sheath Losses

Section 5
1. Cable Sealing
2. Installation of Cable Sealing End Caps
3. Cable Seal XLPE and Lead Sheaths
4. Civil Works

Section 1 - 4 come out in the exam.

The Practical
1. Cable Sealing End Caps

2. Flaking and Unflaking of Cables

3. Cable laying

Please click video for the short clip on CH U/G practical.

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