Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Raspberry Pi Customer Satisfaction Survey

This is a simple project to capture customer satisfaction survey using Raspberry Pi. This survey only has 5 rating ranging from very poor, poor, average, good, & excellent.

Figure 1 Rating of Customer Survey Satisfaction

Material Required
Figure 2 Raspberry Pi connected to push button & 16X2 LCD

1 - Raspberry Pi Ver B.
1 - LCD Monitor, 1 - HDMI cable, 1 - 5V Adaptor, 1 - keyboard, 1- Mouse, 1 - Wireless Dongle
1 - Breadboard
1 - 5 Push button (5 rating selection)
1 - IDE Cable
10 - Male to male jumper

Source Code & Result
Figure 3 Declaration of GPIO for both LCD, Push button, & LED

1. Once a customer finishes his/ her consultation with the customer service personnel. The person will ask the customer to rate the customer service by pressing on the push button.

2. When the customer press the push button for 1s (e.g. Average). It will appear on the LCD screen, LED will ON for awhile and captured at the data log.

3. In the end of the month, the officer in-charge can tabulates it using excel sheet.

1. Reduce paper work
2. Convenient and more I.T savvy

Figure 4 Data Log Captured with time frame

Short Video Clip:

Figure 5 Video clip of the system

Please contact me at:
011-38660076 or yhckelvin@gmail.com
For more information on the source code and hardware

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