Monday, 22 August 2016

Control DMX Lighting Using USB Interface


Have you ever think of using PC to control DMX lighting fixture instead of using DMX mixer? Recently, I bought lighting fixture and USB to DMX converter to try control using PC.

Item Required:

1. USB to canon jack (DMX).

2. Lighting fixture

3. Freestyler software

This software can be downloaded from: It is free for download. However, you can choose to donate to the developer.


1. Connect PC to DMX lighting using USB cable. Launch FreeStyler software, at the interface setup choose uDMX and click save.

2. Next, go to add and remove fixture. Choose the lighting fixture that is similar to the one you connected. For example, if it is 6ch. Choose other brand with 6ch, it is fine.

3. If you have more than 1 lighting. E.g: 10 lighting fixture. Split it, 5 left same address A001 and 5 right same address A009. How to set the address? The address is shown in the fixture in dot matrix display or DIP switch. Click this video for setting up address.

Figure below shows the lighting fixture address.
Note: Most of the lighting fixture has own program. E.g.: static colour light, fade in out light, fast transition light, sound detector light and etc.

4. After all these are done. Now, lets go to program a chase/ Cue. Select different colour of light, click add step. Select the desire fade and speed. Once done, save it as cue.

Once done, try it and you will like it. Go to CUE page and the speed of the CUE is adjustable as per highlighted part.

I have done my demo in one of the church in Kuching. Please click on this video.

And my PC setup looks like this:

If need further advise and suggestion. Kindly contact me. Thanks

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