Thursday, 17 March 2016

Sound System for Studio in Gymnasium

Welcome again to Audio & Visual blog, this week I would like to share with all of you regarding the sound system for the studio. Before that, what is the criteria for it?
1. Less humming
2. Good quality cordless microphone
3. Good Sub woofer for better bass (keep the people excited and more energetic in exercise)

Case study, give comment and improvement on one of the exercise facility (gym) in one of state in Malaysia.

Figure 1 Mixer and Amplifier of Sound System

This set of sound system looks okay. It comes complete with mixer, compressor for the main speaker, amplifier, cordless microphone, DVD player.

Figure 2 Closer looks of the mixer (4 Channels)

Figure 3 Two types of transmitter are used in studio

Figure 4 Type of microphone used

This set of system is okay but however, the type of wireless module used are not good enough in such a way that the sensitivity (gain). Turning on too loud will cause humming/ feedback.
I suggest to use better wireless module (e.g: Senheiser or Shure) and the better wireless microphone (e.g: aeromic).

Instructor is the person that required good microphone during the exercise. This is important when sweat stick on the microphone cable and microphone. Hence, it is essential to have sweat proof microphone and the wireless module (transmitter) to be attached behind the microphone. Figure 5 shows the recommended microphone to be used by instructor. He/ She will not feel the cable disturbing and more convenient in teaching the class.

 Figure 5 Suggested wireless microphone

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