Friday, 5 February 2016

Wedding Service Handling Audio & Visual

Time flies and it now near to Chinese New Year, year of Monkey, 2016. Well during this time, many are preparing to celebrate CNY.

On the 30th January 2016, I was invited to be in charge of PA/ mixer for a event of wedding. It was held at First Baptist Church, Sg. Tapang at 10:00PM. Before the actual day, a simple rehearsal was conducted.

Basically, the event start with guess entering, followed by bride enter the hall, and followed by worship, ceremony.

The part that required a lot of mixing is during the worship session. There is two group for worship: 1. Full band with electric guitar. 2. Sentimental group with piano.

1. Full band with electric guitar
Only one vocalist, however there are many instrument: keyboard, acoustic, drum and electric guitar. I emphasis on electric and acoustic guitar because it sounds better. Keyboard is playing background music which is only suitable during bridge and verse of the songs. For electric guitar, he is playing distortion at all time.

2. Sentimental group with piano
Only one vocalist, she has strong and sharp voice. She is accompanied by grand piano, bass guitar and drum. Overall comment for her is good, maybe because of her voice that is easy to be tuned.

The photos taken are as below. You are welcome to contact me if any of you are interested to hire me to mix during your wedding event.

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