Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Operating Procedure for handling Audio & Visual in a Room

It is always not easy to handle audio & visual in a room/ hall. Imagine as a sound man, you are alone in a room with lighting system, sound system, projection system, and recording. Yes, that's right. You will go crazy with all and will be super busy.

How to handle if you are facing this scenario?

Sometimes I also faced this problem. I suggest that:
1. Lighting system - keep only one simple scene without case
2. Sound system - keep the mic volume ON & playback volume ON
3. Projection system - the personnel will be handling the PC for projection of songs during the worship session

In the church, I have come out with a simple operation manual. Hopefully, it will be able to guide those not familiar with the audio & visual to operate it.

Kindly click on the link for the sample of operating manual for a room.

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