Tuesday, 3 January 2017

'LIVE' recording from Mixer

 Recording From Mixer?

In church, some always talk about budget in recording. As well as the church I attend. In recording, we emphasized on a few important key points:


  1. Low noise
  2. Strong signal
  3. Small size and high quality softcopy. 

Recommendation? There are so many in the market. Some are costly.

I found this, it is cheap and reliable and I have tried it.

Behringer UCA222

This device can be used for recording input from mixer and output the audio signal to mixer. It acts as a interface for the conversion of analog to digital. Please refer to manual for more information at this link. Furthermore, it can be purchased online via Lazada website.

 Using mixer for recording to PC

Procedure to use is simple. Simply plug-in the device into USB port, Windows 7/ Mac supported, no need to install driver. When there is needs to listen from the headphone, turns ON the device. Furthermore, there are many freeware that support this device. You can refer to this Youtube video clip below:

Review of the device

Recommendation of freeware for recording??

  1. Audacity
  2. Simple MP3 Maker
  3. Others

What type/ brand of mixer do you used??

Answer: Any mixer will do. But how to record with high quality sound??

Okay! The church I attend is using ALLEN&HEATH GL2400 mixer, 42 channels. Where should I connect then?

Allen & Heath Mixer

Back of the mixer

The manual of the mixer can be downloaded at this link.

Question: Which one should be used as output for recording? How about either one or two of the Auxiliary (1,2,3,4,5,6)?
Answer: Yes. But You will lost the port for Aux which you might use in the future or any monitors.

Question: How about using the track out?
Answer: Yes. But you might be more noise, during worship, the vocal might be imbalance. It could be louder or softer. Is there any alternative?

Using Matrix of the mixer

Please refer to this slide below for more information:

Slide uploaded by

Youtube video explains the definition of Matrix

Advantages of recording using Matrix

  1. Select the signal you want to be recorded. During grouping 1-2, 3-4. Let say Grp 1-2 is vocal, Grp 3-4 is instrument. If the vocal is louder than instrument in recording signal. Hence, the sound man needs to turn up instrument and reduce the vocal. The turning of volume will not affect the FOH.
  2. Mixer will have spare AUX to be used if Matrix is selected for recording.
  3. The sound man also can add additional signal into the matrix during recording, for example the effect. This can increase the dynamic of sound during recording.

That all guys!! If you need any further information on this kindly contact me by email or phone number as shown at the right corner.

Happy New Year 2017. This is my first post this year. Have fun and happy mixing.

Catch out for my next post soon!!!

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